Honest security guard returns bag full of money, refuses to accept reward

People are usually deceived by temptations, especially if that temptation involves a large sum of money, then honesty can sometimes be a bit blurry. However, that was not the case here, as an honest security guard returned a bag he found while he was on duty in a mall somewhere in Makati City.

According to the guard who identified himself as Ronald Leaneta, he said that he found the bag unattended in a pushcart while he was roaming the around the mall Thursday night, May 18. He said he was surprised when he decided to open the bag and saw a huge amount of money inside it.

Leanita then turned it over to the mall’s management to look for the bag’s owner and an hour later the owner turned up and was thankful for the deed that the guard did.

GMA News reported that Leanita refused to accept the reward the bag’s owner offered him and just simply said that he did what he did because that is his job to do so.

The mall’s management gave Leanita a well deserved admiration because of the good thing he did. Not only that by his fellow security guards were also proud of what their fellow guard did, despite of the temptation.