Honest taxi driver gets an unexpected reward from Chinese passenger for returning her iPhone

A taxi driver named Trifon Tiozon received a massive admiration from many netizens after returning the iPhone of his Chinese national passenger.

Tiozon was rewarded a ₱1000 and gift items from Raffy Tulfo and not only that, but the Chinese national Wenning Ponchdai gave him ₱3000 and an unexpected kiss and hug as a sign of her gratitude.

In the video posted the page Raffy Tulfo in Action, you can see the Chinese national thanking Tiozon and said that she was happy that her phone was returned.

As of this writing, the has already gathered over 47K likes on Facebook.

Despite of the countless negative reports we see and read in different types of media, one small act of heroism like this can help restore our faith in humanity.

See the full video below.