Hot math teacher charged after hooking up with three students

Teachers are always given the highest respect when it comes to classroom setting. Their role in students’ life is to mold them on how to become a better person in the society. But there are different kinds of teachers, there are lots who are very dedicated with their profession and there are also some who are not good in handling the profession that they have chosen.

Just like with the case of now former Math teacher who is facing allegations because of the misconduct she had done. The hot teacher is said to have an alleged fleshly relations with her  3 students, which is said to be minors.


When the authorities had heard about the rumors of the misconduct in the school, they immediately had a month-long investigation that questioned both students and teachers at Rocky Mount Preparatory school. According to their findings, the 25-year old math teacher Erin McAuliffe might be guilty of engaging in a fleshly desire with her 3 students, wherein 2 of them are 17-years old while one of them is only 16.

According to the police, the math teacher’s alleged sexual encounters with the three students all took place off campus. McAuliffe was taken into custody and is being held at Carteret Country Jail on $20,000 bond pending her first appearance scheduled for June 12.  Erin McAuliffe has been fired from the school where she had been working as a math teacher since August 2016.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Methodist University in 2014 wtih a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. She was hired at Rocky Mount Prep in August 2016 after a brief stint as a data analyst at a San Diego-based law firm. And her social media posts suggest that she is not married and lives in Rocky Mount with a dog and a cat.

We should always think of the consequences of our actions before actually doing them. No one is to be blamed when we commit mistakes but only ourselves.