Husband begs wife to come back after his she left him for another guy

Arguipo Orgas Jr., is a dedicated and loving husband of Richel Orgas. Arguipo recently asked for the help of Raffy Tulfo in his program Raffy Tulfo in Action because Richel reportedly left Arguipo to be with another man.

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In his interview with the program, Arguipo said that he just wants to talk to his wife so that they could fix the issue between them and be together again. Arguipo tearfully insisted that he just wants Rachel back because he loves her very much.

Arguipo even appealed that if Rachel is watching or listening to the program, he wants her to know that he misses her and that he is willing to receive her again despite what she has done.

Jomar Belises was the name of the man who reportedly took away Rachel. According to Arguipo, Rachel accused him of having an affair with another woman and that she can no longer feel the sweetness between them that is why she decided to leave.

Arguipo further narrated that Rachel said that she will only leave for two weeks to take a vacation to the house of her grandmother. Little did Arguipo know that Rachel was already living in with Jomar.

What hurts more for Arguipo is that he took in Jomar into their home, fed him and even helped him get a job. Only to find out that he will betray him in the end.

The program helped Arguipo get to Tacloban City where Rachel and Jomar reportedly lives. When he got there, he found out that Rachel and Jomar broke up as Jomar was only using Rachel to get revenge on his girlfriend.

Arguipo was very happy that he finally got back with Rachel and they will continue to live as a happy couple.

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