Husband buys a new car for his wife after saving heart-shaped money for 6 years

There are millions of ways of expressing love toward your other half. Some express it through words, some through meaningful actions and thoughtful gifts.

This Chinese man sure does have a peculiar way of expressing his love for his wife. The man from Sichuan, China, folds two heart-shaped banknotes every day. This is his creative way of saving some money while also showing his love for his wife.

This unnamed Chinese guy originally planned to give his wife the heart-shaped banknotes after 20 years. But after just 6 years of doing this every day, he noticed that the old money became moldy inside the box.

The money may possibly go to waste if he waits for his self-imposed 20-year deadline, so the loving husband decided to use the money to buy a gift for his wife – a brand new car.

The husband and wife placed all their heart-shaped money in a suitcase and went to a local dealer to purchase a car. The wife chose a lovely red SUV.

The staff of the dealership were surprised with the heart-shaped money that the couple brought but, they were delighted when they heard the story behind the origami. They didn’t mind spending the next few hours in unfolding and counting the bills.

After the counting, it turned out that the man saved a total of 20,000 Yuan or $3,000 of heart-shaped bank notes. Because the cash wasn’t enough for the whole amount of the car, the man used a credit card to pay the remaining amount.

Isn’t it sweet to hear such a unique way of showing love to someone?

Source: Buzzflare