Husband gives unfaithful wife her fair share of all their conjugal property

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. This is why people should really think things through first before agreeing or deciding to get married and not just make decisions based on temporary feelings. Ultimately, a marriage may fail and it will lead to divorce.

The formerly married couple will now be faced with the dilemma of “who gets what” in the division of their acquired properties all throughout the duration of the marriage.

According to Goodfullness, this man from Germany, however may have found the perfect solution to this dilemma of divorced couples. He simply broke all their belongings into two. Yeah, so that there may be “equal” division of the properties.

Everything they owned form the car to the teddy bear sitting on their couch was neatly cut in half. The more hilarious part is that all the “halfies” were posted for sale on eBay by the man together with captions that are quite the funny part.

Here it goes:

“The car is quite well preserved for its age, but there are some signs of wear. In particular, half is missing”


“Watching TV alone is already depressing enough. The device is very compact and has several inputs, but am not sure whether they all work”


“The chairs are supper as an art installation”


“Unlike my ex-wife, I cannot say anything bad about the bed, really, have always slept well in it”


“Whoever wonders where the second half is may want to check with my ex-wife”


“The wheel moves despite minor limitations, and the front brake engages perfectly”


“I offer here, in my opinion, the best REM album… “Everybody Hurts” (how true !!!) and Nightswimming are the best passages on it yet”


“It’s the perfect phone for people who do not like to make calls”


“In my opinion, this conversion is the perfect solution for users who want to save space, but can not afford a MacBook Air”


“In recent years, I’ve spent many beautiful evenings on this sofa with my woman. She did not find the evenings so beautiful, which is why my ex-wife now sits on another couch”


“There’s no need for cuddling stuffed animals – for such things, there are affectionate co-workers”


Take a look at a video as to how this man neatly divided these belongings: