Illegally parked car gets instant karma after parking near a dumpsite

Life is not all about pleasure, sometimes, one could have no choice but to learn a lesson in a hard way. Just like what happened to this car driver who was served a lesson in a quite harsh way after violating a parking rule.

This certain SUV car driver decided to park in a street in Barangay East Quirino Hill in Baguio City. He was unaware that the certain space his car took was intended as the resident’s garbage collection area.

In an article by, it was said that the townspeople leave their trash in the area on Sunday nights and early Monday mornings so that the garbage truck will be able to collect it easily.

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When the residents saw that a silver car was parked in their usual garbage collection area, they decided to teach whoever the driver is a lesson that he would not forget anytime soon. They put their bags of trash around and on top of the car.

There were also reports which say that it was the second time that there was a car who illegally parked in the area but it was not clear if it was the same car.

Eric Ueda, the Barangay captain said in an interview that they did not encourage the people to cover the car with bags of their trash. He however emphasized that parking in the are is illegal and there is a signage which says so. He also added that they did not receive a formal complaint from the owner of the car.