From iPhone 8 to 10? What happened to iPhone 9?

From iPhone 7, 8, now 10. Apple leaves the iPhone fans unanswered for the existence of iPhone 9. We are surprised for the release of iPhone x but leaving us questioning where’s iPhone 9 went. Apple just announced its newest flagship, the iPhone X.

Apple just announced its new crown jewel, iPhone X. After the release of iPhone 8 and 8 plus on September 23rd, Apple will be releasing its newest flagship which is iPhone 10 in November. All fans and users always look forward to the next model, from 7 plus to 8, we jump across to the new iPhone X which means we are officially missing out the iPhone 9.

We all know that famous phone brand like Samsung is Apple’s  great rival. The releasing of Samsung’s Note 8 is on the same day of pre-ordering the iPhone 8. Because of this rival, Apple appears to be tricky this time. Instead of launching iPhone 9, they announced iPhone X. That’s such a subtle market trick other brands never see it coming.

iPhone X seems to position itself high above the normal iPhone names. iPhone X marks the 10 years of the iPhone and its designed showcase it. People always want to follow no crowd and want something new and fresh. Instead of labeling it as iPhone 10, Apple makes it X (sounds pricey and fresh). iPhone X sounds like a limited special edition. Let’s be real, iPhone X will be everyone’s new favorite.

The iPhone names are becoming a little bit tricky and exciting. Apple must be telling everyone to expect the unexpected and even more. Ever since Apple has been offering beyond to what is expected. Let the guessing begin. What next? iPhone 8s, iPhone 9 or iPhone Xs? Who knows?

Watch the look of the newest Apple flagship, iPhone X.