Photos circulate online as Maute group takes over some parts of Marawi City

The terrorist group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been wrecking havoc for a while a now and it is not giving any signs of slowing down just yet. News of the terrorist group getting it on with Philippines’ AFP just broke the internet brought to us by the Facebook group I Care For Bangsamoro Movement. An updated report says that these are just members of Maute Group.

According to the post, a shootout has transpired between the AFP and the terrorist group somewhere in Marawi City. It also states that the streets have become a ghost town and some people were stranded due to the danger it may cause.

Another Facebook user named Chico Dimaro Usman also posted photos of ISIS occupying Marawi City’s main road and intersection and claimed that they have no chance of escaping as long as the terrorist group is still on the watch.


The social media world also reacted to this and started the hashtag #PrayForMarawi on Twitter and sends their prayers to the people of Marawi.

As of now, there is yet an update about the ISIS take over. The only thing we can really do as of now is to pray our fellow countrymen will be safe and that the AFP can manage to take down the terrorist group as soon as they can.