Italian man got drinking glass broken inside his rectum after inserting it for pleasure

Cases of accidentally inserting different kinds of sexual toys in an anus is no longer new because a lot of sexual toys scattered everywhere. But people are not  contented with these “for sale” sexual toys, instead trying to stimulate themselves with other kinds and always hurt them and risk their own health and lives.

Just another recent case is about an Italian man who was able to escape injury after a drinking glass got stuck on his anus. He used the 8cm by 6cm glass for his “sexual stimulation” but when tried to remove it, the glass broke and sharp pieces were left scattered inside him.

The unnamed patient was believed to be from Milan. He asked for medical help just two days after he became worried about his safety even if he experienced no pain.

According to BMJ Case Reports, X-rays confirmed the presence of glass in his rectum, which appeared with the bottom-side facing up.

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The patient then was brought to an operating room, Surgeons tried to dilate his rectum for them to widen his passage and enable an examination device to enter. They were able to extract sharp fragments and the remaining of the glass was picked using forceps.

Upon further inspection, the operating team found no other fragments of glass, but the patient was still complaining for an abdominal pain, insisting that not all of the fragments were removed. Still, the doctors haven’t found any remaining.

The patient was also advised to have psychiatric help but refused it and was sent home the next day. He regained his health 3 months after his operation.

Cases like this should always seek for medical help but there are lots who wouldn’t even try because of shame and embarrassment. So, before inserting anything into the body, make sure that wouldn’t hurt you at all.

SOURCE: Daily Mail