Janica Nam tells the “truth” about the death of boyfriend Franco

For the first time since Hashtag Franco’s death, his girlfriend Janica Nam confessed the seemingly inconsistent details regarding the death of Franco at Davao Occidental on November 11.

In Nam’s interview with Pep, she says that she want to correct the inconsistent story told by the operators of the motorized boat they were in during the time when a huge wave hit them.

The two operators were identified as Rico Igalan and Efren Kilang. The two were previously interviewed by ABS-CBN in their morning news program, Umagang Kay Ganda on November 13.

Nam also says that there were also inconsistencies with the story told by Tom Doromal, fellow Hashtag member of Franco during his interview with Rated K on its November 19 episode.

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Tom’s family owns the resort where Franco and Nam stayed at Don Marcellino, Davao Occidental.

According to Nam, it took a long time for Franco to be rushed to the hospital after he was transported from Tom’s resort from the island where the incident happened.

Nam also refuted the previous statement made by the operators of the motorized boat that they gave enough warning that the group should wear their life jacket before they boarded.

“Yung sa Rated K, yung sinabi niya [Tom] na ni-rush daw sa ospital, yun ang gusto ko i-correct. Kasi hindi naman talaga ni-rush. And ako lang yung nag-rush. Ako lang yung sumama. Sumunod lang sila. Tapos, dun sa mga bangkero na—hindi ko alam kung bakit nila nasabi yun—na meron daw life vest. Ayaw daw namin suotin. Sila yung nagpatalon sa amin. Wala silang life vest. Tsaka hindi kami dapat aalis dun hangga’t hindi namin sinusuot yung life vest, di ba? Dapat ganun. Or kahit meron man lang sa banca na life vest na iniwan—as in, wala talaga,” Nam said.


Nam was exclusively interviewed by Pep together with the parents of Franco. They want to make things clear about the death of Franco and get rid of the speculations surrounding his untimely death.