Janus del Prado sends cryptic message to young actor N.A. who allegedly disrespected him

Ever since we were just little lads, our parents thought us to show respect to our elders and it seems that the same rules applied in the showbiz industry as actor Janus del Prado has recently ranted about the alleged disrespect he received from a young actor that he only named by the initials N.A.

The 32-year old was furious by the incident and took his anger  to his Instagram account where he posted a rant and  cryptic statement about a newbie actor who didn’t show him any respect.

Hoy N.A. Subukan mo ko titigan ulit ng masama na parang kakasa ka pag nakasalubong kita ulit kundi ko sipsipin yang mata mo at toothbrushin kita ng siko ko. Bagito ka pa lang kung tutuusin sa industria.

Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! Hay…

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Although the actor didn’t dropped any names, many netizens had the gut feeling that the young actor he was referring to might be Nash Aguas basing on the hint he gave calling him a “Bagito“, in which is a titular character portrayed by Nash Aguas back in 2014.

Janus has been on the Kapamilya network for much of his acting career and has gain fame in youth-oriented TV shows like “Ang TV” and “G-Mik” respectively.

As of this writing, neither of the two parties have said anything further about this certain issue, but rest assure that this feud is way far from over.