Japanese star takes on a challenge to break tiles using her “FUTURE”

Each part of the human body was made for a certain specific reason. People just try to find ways of making their body parts be used in an unconventional way.

Just like how this Japanese star tried to do something different with one of her assets – her G-cup breasts.

Japanese idol Erina Kamiya took on a common martial arts challenge in the most uncommon way. She was hoping to break tiles using her breasts instead of her fists.

Inquirer reported that Kamiya is a member of one of Japan’s well endowed idol group Kamen Joshi. Kamiya took inspiration from a fellow idol, from a sister group — Nanaka Kawamura of Alice Japan. Kawamura uploaded a video of herself punching through up to eight tiles.

The Japanese call the practice of breaking tiles “kawara wari.” Kamiya calls her version “oppai kawara wari” or “breast tile breaking.”

Kamiya appeared confident that she will be able to fulfill the challenge.

In her first attempt, she started out with her right breast. After a few moments, she threw her entire upper body on top of the stacks of tiles with her breast being the contact point. After doing so, she slowly reeled back in pain and exclaimed “Tsubureru.” Roughly translated, she referred to her breast getting crushed.

With her fighting spirit, Kamiya did not give up. She tried again with her left breast. This time, she exclaimed “Itai!” or “It hurts!” while trying to laugh off the pain.

Kamiya tried several more times until she realized that she her breast can do nothing to break the tiles. So, she decided to use her butt instead.

In the end, she was able to break 5 out of 6 tiles by using her butt.

Watch the full video below: