Jeepney driver abandoned by wife took sick daughter with him at work

Your parents is surely the one who will always love you until their last breath. They do the most amazing things in life just for their children, regardless of how easy or hard things can get.

Now a Facebook post is currently making rounds online due to its heartwarming scene which shows a father’s love to his ill-child, that will surely touch your heartstrings and probably will make you cry like a baby due to its inspiring story.

Facebook user named Josie M. Dela Cruz was kind enough to share a story about what she witnessed when she and her family road a jeep to Marilao, Bulacan. According to Josie she can’t help but notice a skinny girl lying down next to the driver’s seat and she also said that she pity the girl’s condition.

Out of curiosity, she then kindly asked the driver who that was and the driver then answered that it is his sick daughter.

Their conversation went on and on and the driver also shared that her wife and elder child left him. He also said that, he is always bringing his sick daughter with him because no one is going to take care of her if he leaves her at their home.

He goes on by saying that he is working hard so that he will be able to provide the needs of his children, most especially for his daughter to be well.

At the very near end of her post, the driver revealed his name to be Rey Lemon asked her to take a picture of his daughter and post it on social media with hopes of reaching the media giant GMA-7 and even left his personal contact number on the process.


Let’s all hope that Mr. Lemon’s story will reach the mainstream media and avail the assistance needed for his sick daughter. You yourself can also make this possible, you can start by sharing this story on any of your social media platforms.