Jeepney driver refused to receive fare of passengers for a very heartwarming reason

The good nature of people is not completely lost, it is only hidden in the deep parts of their being just waiting to be restored and for mankind to have faith in mankind once again. This story of a jeepney driver that recently went viral online could be a great part in helping each citizen relive its faith to one another.

In the story posted by a netizen named Kyle Anne Valderrama Villariza, she shares that she was riding a jeepney one morning. The typical millenial that she is, she had her earphones on and was unable to pay her fare yet.

She narrates that she was just enjoying her My Chemical Romance playlist when she noticed that the other passengers were all smiling and putting their money back in their wallets and bags.

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She was confused by what is happening that she started to rummage on her bag to find coins so that she can pay her fare.

She decided to asked the old man beside her why everyone is keeping their fares. The old man said while smiling that the driver insisted that it was his birthday, so the fare is free for all his passengers.

Villariza then tried to look at the driver through the rear-view mirror and she caught him smiling. She further stated that the generous driver’s eyes were filled with kindness.

Villariza said that the small gesture of generosity from the driver completed her day and it made her really happy and she also wished for more kind souls like that of the driver.

The post then went viral with many netizens appreciating the act of kindness that the driver showed. After just 13 hours since it was posted, it already gained more than 3,000 reactions and more than 700 shares.

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