Jennifer Lawrence goes “wild” in a club on a friend’s birthday bash

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. She is well known for portraying popular movie characters such as Katniss Everdeeen from the Hunger Games film series, young Mystique in the new X-Men films and most recently starred alongside Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt in Passengers.

However, in spite of the good girl image she portrays in her movies, the Oscar winning actress has some of her wild side caught on tape as she was attending a birthday bash along with some of her friends inside of what appears to be a strip club.

According to Daily Mail, the 26-year old actress surprised everybody as she shamelessly stand up and started strip her clothes off while dancing like a pole dancer. Lawrence completely appeared like she’s at ease and took the place of the usual professionals and swung provocatively around the stage.

The show-stopping footage was said to have been filmed on April 27 at the Beverly Hills Club in Vienna, Austria and Jennifer Lawrence was in town filming the spy caper Red Sparrow.

After the buzz, Lawrence broke her silence regarding the leaked footage and was unapologetic as she addressed a video which surfaced showing her fooling around on the dance floor at strip joint Beverly Hills Club on her official Facebook page.

If you can recall, this was not the first time Lawrence was victimized by a leak, as her private photos also spread all over the internet way back 2014.