Joem Bascon’s girlfriend can be your ideal “girl next door”

What we often do not know about the famous celebrities we watch on TV is their real-life romance. We can only get to know who they are in a relationship with if a marriage or a break-up is announced. However, the new era of the social media world made doors open for ordinary people to get a glimpse of the private lives of their idols.

A video on skin care tutorial done by beauty vlogger Crisha Crae Johns Uy has just gone viral. The pretty lady in the video is actually actor Joem Bascon’s girlfriend.

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The couple looked all kinds of sweet and are obviously head over heels for each other in the four-minute clip which has gained over 1.2 million views and counting. What caught most Netizen’s eyes is the undeniable beauty that Crisha has. This is why FHM managed to dig a few information about her.

close your eyes and picture the perfect world🌍 📷: @lj_flores #cagayandeoro

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Missha BB cream shade 21 💖💖💖💖 Love the full coverage! Thank you @youritskinph 😃 Koreana Feels!!!😂

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She has been reportedly dating Joem for more than six years now. A solid proof that our favorite celebrities still manage to get a life despite their excessively busy schedule.

Crisha graduated with a degree in Business Administration major in Export Management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She might also look familiar because she’s also a working commercial model.

Her Instagram posts show that she is working hard to maintain her body goals. Because of her gorgeous facial beauty paired with her stunning body, she managed to establish her own fanbase. She currently has around 19.5 thousand followers on Instagram.

i love @tigercity_xcon ❤️

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We can bet that number is about to increase soon.

Watch the full video below: