Jollibee delivery guy gets praises online for delivering food with requested medicine for sick baby

Being a parent is tough work, especially when it is just your first time, you can’t help but panic whenever your child is having a fever. What makes it worst is that you may have the budget to buy your kid his/her meds, but you are the only one at home and if you leave that leaves your child alone and you wouldn’t want that.

This is exactly what happened to a netizen named Shishi Cruz De Leon when she shared the story of her panicking due to her 1-year old son’s high fever.

According to Shishi. it was early in the morning when she finds out that her precious little baby has a fever and what makes her panic even more was the fact the kid’s temperature is 38.6, an above normal temperature especially for just a 1-year old baby. And because she can’t leave the house, she decided to call her siblings to do the buying for her. Unfortunately, it seems like it was too early by that time.

Not having that much of a choice she just ordered some food from a famous fast-food chain and because she was desperate, she asked if she can add up an extra chore to buy her the medicine she needed for her ill baby.

However, she was jumping for joy, when the delivery arrived not only with her ordered food, but also the medicine she needs for her baby. Shishi was so thankful, that she took the man’s photo, posted it on social media. The delivery guy’s name is Aaron and he earned a lot of praises from Shishi and many netizens for his work.

See her full Facebook post below.