“Juan for All, All for Juan” winner’s daughter living in small boat house praised online for her beauty

For many years now, GMA network’s noontime show, Eat Bulaga has continuously helped less fortunate families from all over the country through their Juan for All, All for Juan segment.

The segment features hosts of the show visiting random Barangays everyday to give prices to whoever is the lucky family that will win in their mini-games and other promos.

Recently, the show once again has been an instrument to help another family who is in dire need of financial assistance.

In one of their episodes of Juan for All, All for Juan, noontime show hosts Jose Manalo, Wally Bayona, and Maine Mendoza, together with co-hosts in the studio, Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto and Ryan Agoncillo were able to help a family who lives in a small balsa or floating house in a river.

The Domingo family, led by the mother, Adelfa lives in a very small house that one may wonder how they could fit in.

The three hosts rushed to the house to have a little chat and to hand the prizes to the family.

According to Adelfa, because of poverty, they cannot afford to buy or to rent a house, that is why they live in the floating house. Whenever there is a typhoon, the barangay council picks up the family from their place.

Adelfa also said that she originally gave birth to 12 children, unfortunately, 2 of them died.

One of their daughters, Jonalyn, serves as the only hope of her family. She is a beautiful daughter and a dedicated student who is now in college and is taking up education. She strives hard to graduate so that she can help her family live in a better house.

She also got praises online for the beauty and brain she possessed.

With the help of Eat Bulaga’s sponsors, the family was given an opportunity to live a better life.

Watch the video of the Episode here:

Source: TNP