Julia Barretto spends quality time with Dennis Padilla, father-daughter relationship going strong

The people who we can always count on in life, are our family. No matter what happens, they’re the ones who would understand, believe and protect us. And we are just lucky enough to have a happy and complete family compared to those who aren’t lucky to have one.

Just like with the beautiful actress Julia Barretto, who grew up with a broken family. They have already faced a lot of controversies involving their father-daughter relationship. It was when Julia wanted to legally drop her surname ‘Baldivia’ (Padilla’s real surname), instead favoring to use her mom’s family name “Barretto”.

love u anak…. see u soon!!

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Fans and netizens felt some relief after seeing  Julia spend some quality time with her comedian father, Dennis Padilla. She posted videos on her Instagram stories on Sunday. On her one particular video, it showed the teen actress putting some lipstick on her Dad who seemed to be enjoying their little makeover session together.

It was seen how happy they are and how genuine their laughs are. Fans were really glad about this story involving the two. Julia and Dennis were also seen last February of this year spending some quality time over dinner. Julia makes it a point to see her father every once in a while despite her hectic schedules  in showbiz.

Many were happy how their relationship turned out to be. It’s a good thing that they’ve talked and settled the issues in a peaceful way.