Julius Babao and Ellen Adarna photo together goes viral

This Instagram photo of the veteran TV anchor and journalist Julius Babao and sexy actress Ellen Adarna is a very hot topic in the social media platforms today.

According to the post of Showbiz Philippines, it was the wife (Mrs. Babao) who took the said photo and they were just having fun during Beauty Gonzales’ wedding.

Many netizens have stated their own thoughts, opinions and perspectives regarding the said ‘controversial’ photo. Some of them claimed that there is nothing ‘wrong’ about the photo, since they were just enjoying and having a great time there.

Some said that the TV anchor looks very handsome and fresh during the night. But some said that it is Ellen’s pose that negate the people’s opinions toward the shot. They even claimed that it is basically the main reason why she was always left ‘alone’ by her boyfriends because of her ‘image.’

But for some, it is still a non-issue. The TV anchor’s wife was the one who took the photo so it means that there is a ‘green-light’ and there is nothing to be worried about. No jealousy or ruckus happened. It is just that there are people who are very judgmental and cannot bear to see their own mistakes in life. They are just ‘enjoying’ on that particular wedding event. Nothing more, nothing less.

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