Jun Veneracion responded to Luis Manzano IG post about his “funny” video

In everything that is happening in this world, we have reporters in different channels to give us the recent, just and correct news that we could have. They are classified as anchors and field reporters wherein the anchors are situated in their main room station, while field reporters are exposed in different real scenarios of what is happening.

Field reporters are doing their job in extra-life giving way because they would face the risk just to provide the news and make everyone be updated. Even if its too risky for them, they would go for it and do their job.

Luis Manzano, an ABS-CBN actor and host, posted on his Instagram account, about a news reporter from GMA channel.

He had asked for some clarification first not to get him wrong after posting it and really admired all the reporters, especially those field reporters who are risking their lives in dangerous locations.

“Don’t get me wrong, we should all admire the dedication of all news teams from ALL channels giving us information, especially the field reporters putting their lives on the line in dangerous locations, but this is just a too funny vid! 🙂 and on a very serious note… MABUHAY KAYO lahat ng mga news and current affairs sa lahat ng channel at radyo, salamat sa inyo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻”

The reporter was actually Mr. Jun Veneracion who also replied to manzano’s post.

“No problem with this post sir, @luckymanzano. Ako din natatawa sa sarili ko. Sana lang the uploader included the serious part which transpired immediately after the funny moment. All good!”

Here’s the video and see how funny but really admiring are the field reporters just like Mr. Jun Veneracion:

Many netizens felt how hard it is to be one of those field reporters especially those assigned now in Marawi city. The video shows how he got frightened at the sound of the chicken while he was reporting. Netizens understood his reaction even if they really got it funny.

Kudos to all the field reporters who are giving us the exact news as they can and Mr. Jun Veneracion is just one of a kind of admiration and inspiration.