Kathryn Bernardo gives a strong message against cyberbullying

The teen queen, Kathryn Bernardo has been the center of intrigues recently. From the KathNeil fans bashing Angel Locsin to Xander Ford calling her “Sakang.”

Being the famous actress that she is, we can’t deny the fact that many people are also bashing her and try to find flaws in almost everything she does.

Bernardo sure had enough of the dose of bashing she is suffering from based on her recent Instagram update. She shared a message about cyber bullying and how it affected her.

On the post, the actress tackled about being called names emphasizing that it is such a painful act. On a positive note, she said that pain teaches us that we are more than the hurtful words and labels. In the end of the post, she encouraged everyone to stand up against Cyberbullying and accept themselves despite their flaws.

The teen queen also tagged the photo to @cybersmilefoundation, a UK and US based organization which aims to create awareness on the effects and impact of Cyberbullying and encourages everyone to stop doing it.

Kathryn Bernardo, together with her loveteam, Daniel Padilla are the ambassadors of Cybersmile Foundation in the Philippines, as reported by Kicker Daily.

Here is the actress’ full post:

Own who you are. ❤️ @cybersmilefoundation

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Kathryn’s mother, Min Bernardo also shared on her Instagram account her appreciation towards those who support her daughter. Min also addressed the bashers of Kathryn and the KathNeil tandem by saying, “God bless their souls.”

Here is Min Bernardo’s post:


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