These kids are sacrificing their lives catching snakes to earn a living

Every kid should be able to enjoy their childhood because one day if they grow old,they would only look back smiling about it. But there are really kids who are already given some responsibilities despite the young age because of poverty. Parents are the one responsible for it, but we can’t deny the fact that there are really children who weren’t lucky enough to have a good and a wealthy family.

Some children chose to find some living just to help their family. They gave up their studies to suffice every need of their family and this is something that isn’t really considerable for all, because kids are kids, they are just supposed to enjoy life first while they’re young.

But the story you’re about to read is really dangerous for kids to have such a kind of living. Read the life of the two Asian kids who are catching snakes to sell and earn money to support their family.

These kids are seen to have a catch of a large kind of snake for the day.

The boy can even be seen enjoying while holding their huge catch.

And they seem to catch some more, so the girl tried to dig for another catch. 

Their way of catching is just to dig until they would see some catch.

When they have the catch, their way of getting it is just so unsafe.

They seem to just be playing with the snakes but it’s a kind of really risky one.

The way they stop this huge snake is really risky for a kid like him because it is bigger than he is.

Their way of living is really a kind of unpredictable one. Snakes are snakes and they could just be as wild as they are whenever they wanted,  so for kids like them, they shouldn’t be in that state whatever the reason may be. Yes, that’s their way of living, but what if that will also be the reason that they would lost it?

Watch the action here: