Kiefer Ravena breaks silence about photo scandal

Ateneo De Manila University basketball superstar Keifer Ravena has been in rough water ever since his alleged set of nude photos was leaked all over the social media.

Ever since that incident, netizens were judging Ravena due to his unwise decision to send his private photos to someone while he was still in a relationship. Some accused of him of cheating on his girlfriend and fellow Ateneo athlete Alyssa Valdez. Although, the issues between are now in good terms, it doesn’t change the fact that the basketball superstar got his name ruined.


Fortunately, the man behind the photo leaks was arrested last Wednesday, March 29. The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Kristoffer Monico Ng. Ng was allegedly accused of trying to extort money from Ravena in relation with he’s alleged photo scandal.

Upon his arrival from Singapore where he competed as a member of Alab Pilipinas in a losing effort against the Slingers and weeks after his photo scandal leaks, Kiefer Ravena apologized to those who were affected by the leaks. Ravena publicly addressed a small group media reporters regarding the issue. Ravena then apologized to his parents, who helped him file a case against file a case in a Quezon City court against the suspect.

And lastly, he apologized to his girlfriend, the volleyball superstar Alyssa Valdez hose name was repeatedly dragged in the conversation whenever the topic of Ravena’s indiscretion came up on social media.

With a case already filed in court, and with an ABL game still on the horizon, Ravena is hopeful that he has addressed the issue for the last time.