What killed this man is a common drink found in every refrigerator

Professional body builders put up a lot of effort, time and money to make their body filled with pure muscles. It sure is not an easy task as it requires patience, hard work and determination.

Dean Wharmby is a professional body builder and a loving father at the same time. He is from Manchester, England. In order to build up muscles, a professional body builder has to take note of training and also his nutritional intake. He has to get over 10,000 calories per day in order to have more muscle mass.

In an effort to achieve his dream body, Dean did all that he could, he ate a mix of fast food and balanced meals such as chicken, fish, and eggs to meet his increased protein need.

When it comes to his daily routine of working out, he drinks 2 energy drinks every hour while working out in order to be focused and give him more energy during his strenuous workouts.

However, 5 years ago, Dean’s body began to respond to all the strenuous workout and energy drink intake. He was diagnosed with cancer and doctors recommend that he should undergo chemotherapy. He refused and decided to cure his disease in a natural way.

He changed his habits and turned to natural medicine. It had a positive effect at first as the tumor was shrinking and disappearing.

But, old habits are really hard to kill as Dean went back to his habit which caused the tumor in the first place. His condition became worse as this time, he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

He again refused chemotherapy and tried to escape cancer through a very strict natural diet.

39-year-old Dean drastically lost weight and doctors say it was too late for him. He later found out the main cause of his illness was the energy drinks.

In an article by Lovely tips, doctors say that the beverage is what totally destroyed Dean’s liver and body and it also promoted the growth of cancer cells.

After his long and exhausting battle with cancer, Dean died last year. He left behind his wife and his daughter.

Let this article be an awakening to everyone about the harm that is posed by energy drinks. Let everyone be informed so that no one else could suffer the said fate like Dean did.