Korina Sanchez reveals what Vicki Belo did to make her face look thinner without surgery

Korina Sanchez’ stunning transformation became viral recently after a photo of her posing as an endorser of the Belo Medical Group circulated online. It turns out that the viral photo is to be used in the newest billboard of the Belo Medical Group. Korina even took to Instagram to express her thanksgiving to Dr. Belo and all her staff for taking care of her.

Many were curious as to how Korina achieved such a thinner face and a younger aura in just a short period of time.

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Luckily, the newscaster was generous enough to share the process she went through in order to get the look she has now. In a series of post on her Instagram account, Korina shared that she underwent a series of procedures to be able to get the #korinasanchezforbelothermage.

The first step was called Belo Thermage – a deep heat infusion through radio frequency that makes the skin tight. Korina says that she went with this process for four months.

Here is the comparison on video…

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The second step was the Threads: Dra. Vicki embedded protein short threads, about eight per cheek. No pain after 30 minutes of topical anaesthesia. To those who may be curious, Korina also shared that it really was a no-pain procedure.

The third step is called BeloVita. It is microneedling infusion of hyaluronic acid under the skin and not just topically. What it does is cushion the skin from under and promote collagen production.

That’s the three-step procedure Korina went through in order to get her new look. Korina is now 53-years-old and is happily married to former Senator, Mar Roxas.