Lady helps this beggar find hope, few years later he came back as a multimillionaire and offers her $80,000

Life in this world is just like the wheel of a vehicle. Sometimes someone can be really high up there and there are also times when that someone can go extremely low.

We are all aware of the fact the change is constant in this world, therefore, one should know how to co-exist with others as the golden rule even says, do to others what you want other to do to you.

Just like what happened to He Rongfeng. When Rongfeng was only 17 years old, he left his village together with two other friends and they traveled all the way to Taizhou City in Zheijang Province, China.

They dreamt of having a job in the city in order to live somehow a decent life. But they kept on getting rejected by the companies they applied in until the time came that they ran out of money and was left with no choice but to beg on the streets.

One day, the trio came upon a noodle shop which was packed with customers. Sadly, they could not afford to buy one for themselves. Little did they know, the owner of the shop named Dai Xingfen was quietly observing the boys.


She noticed that the three looked hungry so she made an effort to invite them inside and gave them free noodles. She later learned the story of the three young men and decided to let them stay at their small apartment together with her husband.

Seeing that the boys were really eager to make a change in their lives, Dai Xingfeng told them to look for jobs at the nearby city of Huangyan and even gave them money for train fare.

The boys all landed on a job at a furniture factory in the said city. While he was there, He Rongfeng worked hard on acquiring new skills. Later, he was able to open his own business.

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According to Goodtimes, he is now the chairman of Shenyang Jiu Jiu Li Feng Group and even became a multi-millionaire from the profit he gained in his business.

He Rongfeng wanted to pay back Dai Xingfeng for all the good deeds she has done for him. So, in 2014, he was reunited with Xingfeng and even offered US$ 80,000 to repair her old house.


Nevertheless, the woman refused the offer and said that she did not help him to gain something in return.

It is indeed true that small acts of kindness can really change someone else’s life. So, let us continue to help each other even in out little actions. Who knows? Little acts of kindness may change the world.