Late Hashtag Franco’s girlfriend Janica Nam celebrates their anniversary in a sweet but heartbreaking video

Early in November of 2017, we were shocked with the news of hashtag Franco Hernandez’ death after a drowning incident. The whole showbiz industry mourned for his untimely death and one person who was very vocal in expressing her sadness over the untimely death was Franco’s girlfriend in the person of Janica Nam who was with him when the unfortunate drowning incident happened.

Now, barely two moths after Franco’s death, Janica shares a compilation of her happy moments with Franco as her way of celebrating their supposed 1st anniversary, only if the tragic incident did not happen.

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In her post, Janica narrated how she and Franco met. Although it’s only been a year since their relationship, Janica says that she will forever remember the many memories they made together. She even described that she had the best year of her life while she was with Franco and that she kept on reminiscing her time with him.

Through the post, Janica also shared how one of Franco’s bestfriends told her about the latter’s plan to marry her in the future. She says that Franco even imagined himself singing while she is walking down the aisle. Janica says that she could not describe the mixed emotions she felt when she heard of such plan from her late boyfriend. It’s a sad reality, however that the plan could no longer come to life.

Janica ended her post by saying that Franco will always be in her heart and that their souls will forever be connected.

Here is Janica’s full post:

Lots of netizens were touched by Janica’s gesture that the video already gained 1.5 million views just a few hours after it was posted.

Watch the whole video below: