LDR couple finally met for the first time at the airport, and it’s awkwardly sweet!

Long distance relationship or more commonly known as LDR is a very hard to maintain type of relationship. Difference in time zones, not being able to see each other are just a few of the reasons why most LDRs fail to work out.

This LDR couple just proved to the world that Love can defy all odds. Their love story started in a very uncommon way.

The boy named George was working in Qatar and the girl, Kamil is studying in the Philippines. He courted her through constant video calls and messages. Then one day, Kamil gave George her sweet “Yes” and they officially became a couple. Only that, they have never seen each other in person yet.

So one day, George decided to meet Kamil for the first time. To pull off a surprise, George sought the help of Kamil’s family members.

Kamil’s mother asked her is she could accompany them to the Airport to fetch a certain Eva who will be arriving from Canada. She willingly went with them but, became irritated when after an hour of waiting, no Eva showed up.

Kamil then became disconcerted when her sibling kept on looking at the outgoing passengers. After seemingly being bored, she then stood up to leave. It was then that she turned her head and saw a guy pushing a cart.

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She looked at him, frowning but, she smiled immediately when she realized “who” she is setting her eyes on for the first time. It was her boyfriend, George. She was overwhelmed by the surprise that she just cried happy tears.

Unfortunately, George could only stay in the Philippines for a month, so they spent the whole month together.

Fingers crossed that this couple will stay together for a long time despite the distance.

Watch the very sweet video here:

Source: TNP