Look how Andrea Brillantes treats her fans

One of the most promising young actresses of this generation is Andrea Brillantes or Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza in real life. Since she was a child, she has starred in various television shows and movies that showcased her versatility as an actress.

Now that she is slowly becoming a teenager, more and more people notice her beauty causing her to have a huge social media following.

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Recently, a video of her surfaced online. The short clip was taken during one of her fan meetings inside a mall. In the said video shared by the Youtube channel called “The Pinoy Channel“, Andrea can be seen merrily interacting with her fans.

She even tried to do the make-up of one of her fans. The said fan was also really grateful that her idol made such an effort for her. It was noted that the said fan meeting was for a particular cosmetic brand that Andrea was endorsing.

Andrea also took a few selfies with some of the lucky fans who got the chance to be close with her. All throughout the video, fans can be heard cheering for Andrea and the actress joyfully waved at them.

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Meanwhile, after watching the video, netizens applauded the young actress for her good behavior toward her fans. Some commented by saying:

“Bait ni blythe”

“ang bait ng bebe ko. kaya loding lodi kita ehh. sana makita rin kita in person andrea.”

“yan gusto ko. hehe.. hindi nya snob ang fans”

“ang bait talaga ni ate andrea”

Watch the full video here: