LOOK: This female Uber driver is definitely a stunner

Avid users of the transportation operator Uber have probably met this gorgeous looking Uber driver Joyce Tadeo. Tadeo is a BS Psychology graduate and is a former medical representative in a pharmaceutical company. You might wonder what lead her to leave her previous job and decided to be an Uber driver.

Joyce Tadeo or “JT” as her friends call her, said that she dump her job due to the hard pressures of the business and decided to do something out of her forte. According to Philnews, one of her guy friends who is also an Uber driver encouraged her to apply.

Due to JT’s risk-taking attitude she gladly grabbed the opportunity for her to be able to try new things and was even more motivated when she saw her friend’s earnings.

She also said that she is flattered for being a female driver as she is receiving compliments from her passengers and even is ask to take selfies with her.

Most of my passengers are really surprised whenever they book me as their driver. I often get compliments and I really appreciate them. Others even ask for selfies and post my Uber details on social media. Since then, I’ve gotten used to it. I enjoy the feeling of being liked,” Tadeo said as quoted by the men’s magazine FHM.

TJ also said that she carries a pepper spray and a rosary to protect her from any harm and to defend herself from passengers who could possibly take advantage of her. To those who are planning to have a ride with her, her regular route includes the streets of Makati, Ortigas, and Bonifacio Global City.

It is unusual for a woman to be a driver in public transportation vehicle. Many people just don’t picture women doing such job as it is unlady like. However, JT will not only leave you in awe, but might as well drop your jaw.