LOOK: What happens to Kevin Durant’s foot?

When talking about sports, basketball is one of the most known sport played by many. And one of it is the NBA which is always waited and watched by so many die-hard fans. They have their own idols whom they support all throughout the game, whether their team wins or loses, as avid fans, they still support them.

And we can’t deny the fact that sometimes, fans take it into personal and negative comments against the opponents. And the NBA 2017 really got the most of it because fans of both teams are throwing negative comments and insults with each other. But among those insults thrown, still someone or a team should be declared as winners. And the Golden State Warriors team got it after 5 games of hard work play in finals.

A picture of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant then comes out holding their trophies as the product of their handwork. Many were amazed how simple kind of a man is Kevin Durant for he was only wearing a pair of slippers in the picture.

In Pinoy Basketball page, they uploaded the zoomed in part of the picture. And that is kevin Durant’s foot. They said they had noticed something on it and said it is way better compared to Shaq and Lebron’s foot. A proof of a playhard as they say.

This post then garnered different reactions from the netizens. They’re saying it’s normal for an athlete to have that kind of foot and that KD and his team are already winners.

SOURCE: Facebook