LOOK: Last Facebook post of woman inside the car that fell off from 5th floor of a building in Sta Cruz, Manila

In Sta. Cruz, Manila, a car fell off from the 5th floor of a building just a few minutes before midnight of September 30, 2017.

The first responders of the accident had a hard time because the driver, who was a girl was stuck inside the car. They even used various kinds of power tools to lift the driver out of the car.

Tyron Cruz, a witness to the incident said that he saw that the car was already on the edge of the building and when it fell, a hopeless child’s foot was hit by the car.

The kid was reportledly rushed to the hospital to be treated.

Meanwhile, when the rescuers managed to get the lady driver out of the car, they were unsure whether she was dead or alive, they wrapped her in thermal blanket and she was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead on arrival by doctors of Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital. The police from Manila Police District Homicide division arrived to investigate the incident.

Relatives of the lady driver were also spotted on the hospital, including the Human Resource Officer of the BPO company she works in.

However, owners or representative of the building owners did not yet issue any statement to the media.

Through the help of the Netizens, the lady driver was identified as Marie who works in a BPO company in the building.

Here is Marie’s last post before the incident:

According to a post shared by Mau Andres, Marie was suffering from depression. She further stated that Marie had a problem with her relationship.

As of writing time, the post had already gone viral with more than 28,000 people reacting on the issue.

Here is the post shared by Mau Andres:

Here is a video of the news report on the incident:

Source: Facebook, GMA News