LOOK! Ripped Clothing Is Now The New Fashion Trend

Back in the day, wearing something that looks odd will make you fun of your poor outfit choices. Our parents even lecture us about having a proper for us to look presentable and appealing to other people. However nowadays, it seems like distressing your clothes is now trending once again.

A local mall is seen selling a bunch of ripped shirts and jeans on display. Netizen JP Mortel Fajura posted the outrageous clothing trend on his Facebook account.

The post was accompanied by a caption that says, “Dumating na ang panahon na dati ang pamunas ginagamit lang sa kusina ngayon social na damit na.”

Clothes like this are now popping up everywhere on celebrities in Instagram are next level distressed. Big names like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West and Zendaya are a few of the many celebrities who made this type of clothes trendy as it is today.

Also, the girl model on the official video of Chainsmoker’s hit song “Closer” is seen wearing a ripped shirt.

And of course, the newest addition to this trend.

Fashion changes and it’s getting weirder and confusing to the extent that torn t-shirts have come the trend.