LOOK: Six child celebrities that are now stunners

Looking back on our old pictures, we can say that a lot has really changed in us, especially on the looks department. The same can be said to celebrities, no matter how gorgeously beautiful they look now, there was a time that they were awkwardly looking during their younger years.

YouTube channel WhatsUp Pinoy provides us with a list 6 Awkward Pinoy Child/Teen Celebrities Who Became Hot.

Trina “Hopia” Legaspi

Hopia was known to be a chubby girl who was the ABS-CBN’s weekend kids gag show Goin’ Bulilit at the same as Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. However, unlike the two, Hopia temporary left showbiz to focus more on her studies. She graduated and earned a degree on Communication Arts at Miriam College. Hopia was sort of unidentified as she looks way more different her old chubby self as she made showbiz comeback just recently.

Loisa Andalio

Loisa was known due to her free-spirited personality during her time inside the PBB house. From the chubby girl, Loisa has matured well in time and has undergone a huge transformation just two years after. She is also currently making a name for herself in the industry and is doing well.

Andrea Brillantes

Audience were first introduce to Andrea when she made her TV debut on the ABS-CBN show Annaliza. During her time playing that role, she was still just a chubby girl who really captured our hearts due to her great portrayal of the character. But now, Andrea is now blossoming unto a beautiful lady as she has totally left all the childish things she does behind.

Ylona Garcia

Ylona is Filipino-Australian who also appeared in PBB and looks awkward as ever as seen on the photo provided. However, she has undergone a huge transformation and has a huge number of followers. She also contributed to the revival of the choker trend.

Miles Ocampo

When we think of Miles Ocampo, we often remember the Bibboo hotdog commercial all those years ago, but now Miles looks way more different than before. We now see her in the ABS-CBN sitcom “Home Sweetie Home” where she plays a minor role as Toni Gonzaga’s younger sister. She also stunned everybody during the Star Magic Ball due to her incredible beauty.

Kathryn Bernardo

Among everyone that’s on this list, Kathryn must be the most successful of them all. Starting out at Super Inggo playing a minor role to being one of the main cast in the remake of Mara Clara. However, despite of all of her big breaks in showbiz, she only went a huge transformation just recently. Now, earning the title “Teen Queen” and looking gorgeous as more ever. She is currently one of the country’s main draw alongside her partner Daniel Padilla.