It looks like a fine painting, now flip your screen to see its real beauty

Things in life are only a matter of perspective. How one views a certain thing or picture may also reflect how a person views life as a whole. Just like this controversial painting.

At a first look, one can see that the object of the artwork is a black car. It can also be noted that it is located in a rice field as the painting suggests and a tree is also present on the right side of the picture. It seems that the tree is giving shade to the car.

However, it can also be noted that the black car is somewhat elevated from the ground, signaling that the photo might mean something else. That would be up to the viewers to decipher what is real image behind it.

This time, try flipping your screen. There, you completely got the true picture by doing just that. It turns out to be a tragic photo. The car can be seen in an upside down position. We can safely assume that it may have been caused by an accident.

Also, it turns out that what we thought was a tree was in fact the side of a road and the supposed branches of the tree were mud in the side of a rice field.

This picture just proves that how one views a certain moment, event, thing or picture in our daily lives can greatly affect the way we live. We can either be contented by the way we first saw the picture which symbolizes a peaceful environment or we can explore and see the ugly truth behind the photo. It’s all just a matter of perspective.