Daughter thinks her dad is uncool for wearing same old shirt for 18 years until she found this old photograph

Being sentimental is part of the nature of a person. What we may consider sentimental to us does not require a certain amount or appearance for as long that certain thing may remind us of a significant moment in our lives.

In the case of this sentimental Japanese dad, what he values most is the shirt he wore during his honeymoon with his wife. For several years now, he still wears the old shirt and everytime a hole or tear appears on the shirt, he manages to repair it.

According to Rachfeed, a Japanese Twitter user with the username @922_riaru who turns out to be the daughter of the loving husband shared her dad’s story through a tweet. In her tweet, she revealed that she always thought that her father was “uncool” because he repeatedly wears the same shirt over and over again.

She often wonders why her dad would wear the said green shirt on special occasions and even during trips. She later found out the reason behind why her dad treats the shirt like its the most important thing in his life.

One day, when she rummaged through the belongings of her deceased grandfather, she stumbled upon an old photograph of her dad together with her mom who died 18 years ago.

It turns out that the photos were taken during the honeymoon of the couple. What’s more astonishing is that the shirt her dad was repeatedly wearing turns out to be the same shirt on the photo. At the same time, her mom was also wearing an identical polo shirt only that the color was changed.

She then realized that what her father does is a really sweet gesture and that it was his way of remembering the old days when his wife was still alive.