Disturbed by Lucia Joaquin story? Wait until you watch this video

Last two days, our timelines were flooded by the disturbing story of Lucia Joaquin, a bedtime short story that features a “modern” ghost and a typical teen.

Lucia Joaquin undeniably terrified some of it’s viewers, while some were annoyed with the flow of the story, the video still made it to the second top trending videos on Youtube as of this time writing.

Watch the story here:


Creepy pranks and different funny memes because of this story also circulated on Facebook giving the modern ghost too much attention and overnight fame.

But if you think the story of Lucia Joaquin is creepy, watch this video and this will surely hunt you on your nightmares.

The video was labeled by the uploader as Joaquin’s story but the demonic voice narrating the story and the sequences happening in the video will scare the crap out of you.

Statistically speaking, the disturbing clip reached almost 7 million views, 90 thousand shares and dozens on thousands of reactions on Facebook.