Man agrees to reconcile with wife after he caught her with a security guard in one room

It’s really good to see couples who grew old still passionately and wonderfully loving each other. Maybe they really have conquered all the trials and struggles which tested their relationships. Nowadays, relationship are somehow not lasting anymore just like before. Maybe because some have  given up easily or somehow agreed with the temptations.

Cheating is one common reason why couples are breaking up nowadays. Many have fallen to this kind of temptation just like with the latest news coming from Rmn Iloilo which states that the woman was caught by her husband cheating with other guy in a motel.

According to their report, the husband and wife had already settled the issue after they have cleared everything in Arevalo PNP.  The wife had promised to her husband not to do her mistake again which also allowed the husband to be okay with it.

It was known that the husband was already suspicious about his wife doing something wrong and he just confirmed it now that he had caught them in the act. The first thing that he really suspected much when he was calling his wife which reaches up to 50 times but the wife doesn’t even bother  to just answer it.

It was then fulfilled that the husband knew of the wrong doings of his wife because he asked his friends to guard and watch the actions of his wife. July 7, 2017, the wife checked-in with her lover in Welkins Beach Resort in Arevalo at 6:30 pm and checked-out at exactly 9:00 pm.

The couple actually has two children and the husband is a 36-year-old who works at a certain big construction company while the wife is a 35-year-old who works as a casual employee in a government office in Iloilo and the lover is a guard who aged 38.

Husband reportedly reconciled with wife who promised not to repeat her worldly mistakes.

When we are in a relationship, before committing mistakes, we must always consider the significant things while we are in the relationship and think of the people who might be affected with it. Remember, temptation is just a word and not a sin unless we commit into it.

Photos courtesy of RMN Iloilo Facebook page.