This man always hides as neighbors call him aswang, the truth behind breaks my heart

This man named Antonio Reloj who lives in Dingle, Banga, Aklan just needed all our beautiful hearts and helping hands.

These viral photos were posted online by the man’s cousin named Jesselyn Rebutar. As of this posting, it has reached 2K shares and is still counting. Here is the narrative of her ‘call’ most especially to those who have golden hearts:

To all my good friends, he is my 2nd cousin. He is residing here in Dingle, Banga, Aklan. He is always hiding to people because whenever he is outside, people commonly seen him as an “aswang.” He even hid from us when he knew that we went into their house to see him. I just argued that he must not hide from us because we are cousins and we are not afraid of him because he is a good man and he is not hurting people. And from those words, he smiled and tears flow from his eyes seemingly because he didn’t expect that people would come just to see him. I just want to help him but I don’t know how. I just wanted that you guys lend me a helping hand to share his story to ABS-CBN or GMA 7. His name is Antonio Reloj. He is still not seen in the television. It is a big help if you will share his photos. Thank you so much!

Upon seeing his photos, the netizens claimed that he really needs to seek a medical attention and help. They even stated that he probably has some kind of ‘skin disease’ which made him look like the way he is. And in order to help him, we must all assert our own hearts. Share it to our social media accounts and may those who wanted to lend their helping hands see his story. Let us all prayed that he will be healed and regain back his faith and his ability to see that the world that we live in is a better place for all.

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