Man Arrested For Molesting His Adopted Sister In Public

Many young girls all over the world are being harassed and taking advantage of due to their weaknesses and this is where some men with evil intentions came it to the scene.

News about such incident are being broadcast almost on a daily basis and here comes another, but instead of the perverted molester to be careful and avoid not be seen, this one has the guts to do it in a Chinese railway station a not so smart of a choice for doing such thing.

A man was seen who got his hands all over a young girl’s breast while she was sitting on his lap and both of them are waiting for a ride.


What made it more shocking was when it was later found out that the victim is living under the same roof as the molester for she was his adopted sister.

The disturbing set of photos was said to have reached Chinese social media, where the perverted man got slammed by the netizens by showing how disgusted they were regarding the man’s cringe worthy actions. The incident was said to have happened inside the Nanjing South Railway Station.

Fortunately, the suspect has already been arrested according to Chinese authorities. In addition, they said that the man was around his 20s while the girl is less than 14 years old making it a child abuse.

They say that your own home is one of the safest places you’ll ever be, unless you have someone like this guy inside your household.

SOURCE: Viral4Real