Man gets $2 million after being able to find a rare discovery

Cultures and traditions all over the world have evolved throughout time. Historians and archaeologists alike continuously seek for truths and facts of the past to abolish and replace established theories and misconceptions. They are truly delighted when they manage to find a rare artifact that can be an instrument to prove the false theories that was believed to be true by people back in the days.

Derek McLennan, aged 49, discovered an incredible haul of ancient Vikings in fields located in Dumfries and Galloway located on England in 2014 as reported by The Good Feed.

“This Viking hoard is one of the most important finds ever discovered in Scotland and is of international significance,” said David Harvie, one of the people responsible for the treasures found within the country.

The said Viking haul included jewelries, pottery and even coins. The collection included some rare finds such as an early Christian Cross, silver brooches and bracelets, gold rings, decorative glass beads, bird-shaped gold pin, gold ingot, crystals, decorated silver gilt cup, and a highly decorated gilt vessel.

The artifacts found by McLennan show unique qualities and intricate details that will surely attract the curiosity of experts and researchers. The collection was decided to be preserved and displayed for people to see their beauty.

Dr. Evelyn Silber, spokeswoman of the Scottish Archaeological Finds Allocation Panel, expressed that the panel is grateful to Derek for reporting these stunning artifacts. For this, Scotland National Museum must give him £1.98 million for his findings.

Surely, what McLennan managed to find will be a great help for everyone to understand more about the history of our world.

Watch the video below to learn more: