Man infected by a flesh eating bacteria after taking a shower in a gym barefooted

This viral post has been shared by netizens online to give warning to people especially to those who are gym lovers. Read the full article below. (Warning: Extreme Graphic Content)

As been stated in the online report made by Daily Mail UK, the said man who lives in Texas has acquired an infection allegedly because of “showering” shoeless in a gym. The said open wounds just started from a wart which continued to grow and became much infected as time went by.

The man said, “There were a few occasions where I left out my flip flops that I would use when I showered, but not wanting to go back to work sweaty and smelly I made the decision to shower barefoot.”

Then the man reportedly noticed that there was a “spot” at the bottom of his left foot, harder than the rest of the flesh, that began to itch but he didn’t think anything of it.

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail UK

He was told he had a plantar wart – a benign foot tumor caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). But what is this HPV?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail UK

According to the medical research made by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “HPV is a group of more than 150 related viruses. Each HPV virus in this large group is given a number which is called its HPV type. HPV is named for the warts (papillomas) some HPV types can cause. Some other HPV types can lead to cancer. Men and women can get cancer of mouth/ throat, and anus/rectum caused by HPV infections. Men can also get penile HPV cancer. In women, HPV infection may also cause cervical, vaginal, and vulvar HPV cancers. But there are vaccines that can prevent infection with the types of HPV that most commonly cause cancer”.

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail UK

Lastly, the said man finally decided to undergo surgery and received a skin graft last February 2017, made from the scales of North Atlantic Cod. The man claimed that he is sharing the said photos to warn the people not to do the same thing as they use the gym shower.

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