Man jumps off to his death from a cell tower in San Juan

A terrifying incident that happened in Barangay Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas has alarmed citizens and the entire San Juan Municipal Police when they witnessed a man climbing up a cell tower last March 24, Friday morning.

One netizen was able to capture the incident on video using a mobile phone and decided to post it on Facebook. Sources say that the cell tower is estimated to be at least 100 meters high. In the video, you can hear the voices of citizens showing their concern to the man’s well being.

Sadly, the man decided to jump off the tower and was rushed in to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the victim didn’t make it and suffered multiple injuries that lead to his death.

According to police reports, he is possibly suffering from a mental disorder. In addition, they also stated that the cell was left without any security, which then lead the man to access the premises.

Watch the gruesome incident that happened in the videos provided below. WARNING! Content is extremely graphic.