Man left wife, digs up true love’s body from grave, marry and live with her happily for 7 years

All of us has someone destined to love us and someone we are going to love. Because of love we tend to do everything just to make the one we dearly love happy. But sometimes because of love, harm gets into our way and we do things which are beyond necessary.

Just like with the man named Carl Tanzler who was so in love with his mistress. After her mistress died, he dug up her corpse and made it his fantasy doll for 7 years. Carl Tanzler is an x-ray technician at a U.S. Marine Hospital in Key west Florida who had felt love at first sight with Marie Elena Milagro de Hoyos.

However, Tanzler was already married by then and had two daughters with his wife. But, that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his life-long fantasy of an exotic and dark-haired true love. He began to court Elena but she eventually died because of her disease.

Feeling heartbroken, he then made a mausoleum for Elena with the approval of her parents. But Tanzler wasn’t contented at all, he secretly dug up Elena’s grave and brought the body at home, preserved it with his medical knowledge. He bought jewelries, clothes and accessories for the corpse.

It was then questioned whether he had intercourse with it or not because an improvised tube was found in its vaginal cavity. His joy didn’t last though after a boy saw him dancing through a window with what it seems to be like a giant doll. This reached Elena’s family and Tanzler was then accused for grave robbing after showing Elena’s fully outfitted body.

Tanzler was arrested and stood trial for “wantonly and maliciously destroying a grave and removing a body without authorization.” The trial became a media sensation, and surprisingly the majority of the public, especially women, supported Tanzler, finding him to be an eccentric romantic.

Weirdly enough, the case against him was dropped and Tanzler was set free. The case garnered wide attention throughout Florida. Elena’s mummified remains ended up on display at the Dean-Lopez Funeral Home.

SOURCE: Elite Readers