Man left wife after losing her legs, 9 years later something happens that will change her life FOREVER

A strong earthquake struck Sichuan, China back in May 2008. This resulted to numerous deaths and large damage to the area. Many of the victims lost their family.

Liao Zhi was one of the victims of the unfortunate disaster. She lost her 1-year-old baby and both of her legs.

Goodtimes reported that she suffered from necrosis, which cause death of the cells in her leg tissues. Her legs could no longer be saved and they had to be amputated.

To Liao Zhi, this was one her biggest challenges in life as she worked as a dancer and dance teacher. Her ex-husband whom was also the love of her life left her after her legs got amputated and no longer looked like she used to be when they first got married.

5 years later in April, another earthquake hit China, this time it happened in Ya An. This reminded the young lady of how difficult it was to be in the tragedy, Liao Zhi decided to go to Ya An and help those who were affected by being a volunteer. She was determined to help them even in her prosthetic legs.

The public admired her for her efforts and empathize with her. They wondered why such beautiful woman volunteered to help the victims although she had a tough time to walk herself. So, Liao Zhi told them of what had happened to her and how she ended up with the prosthetic legs.

According to her, when she got stuck in the remnants of the collapsed buildings, a small and petite volunteer tried to rescue her.

Now, Liao Zhi is happily married to a person who accepts her despite her flaws.