This man lives in a giant sand castle for 22 years, take a look what’s inside

Sandcastles are quite a nice sight especially when one is trying to spend a good time at the beach. As the structure replicates a true castle, it is such a fest to the eyes and it also awakens the kid spirit inside of us. However, have you ever thought of building your own sand castle and living inside it?

Well, this man named Mizael did just that for the past 22 years of his existence. The seaside castle has been constructed entirely from sand and is located in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Mizael’s giant sand castle can be found in one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and it has somehow turned into some sort of a tourist attraction. In fact, Mizael was even given a crown by the local residents which gives him the “king” aura in his very own castle.

According to Goodfullness, although the giants sand castle can be considered one of the most unique house structure ever constructed, Mizael says that he is unable to sleep inside of the sand castle because the structure collects too much heat during the day. As a result, he is forced to spend his nights at a friend’s house.

When he heads back to the castle each day, he spends the majority of his time tending to all of the various needs of his home. Maintaining a sand castle over the course of 22 years takes a lot of work and Mizael is happy to put in the time to make sure that the facade of the sand castle remains up to par. The castle was actually inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi, a well known Spanish architect.

Surprisingly, the inside of the sand castle is full of books. Mizael spends his time inside while reading the books he collected all throughout the years.

Mizael also confessed that he wanted to own a real house near the beach but properties near it cost quite a fortune so he decided to build just his own giant sand castle which turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Watch Mizael’s full video below: