Man notices something strange moving inside a hole, can’t believe when he pull it out

Oftentimes, when walking upon a strange ground, we may be able to come across strange holes that we do not know the use of. While there are some that are often used to catch wild animals, there are also others that are just there without a certain purpose and oftentimes, poor animals become their victim.

Just like in the experience of this man. One bright and sunny day, this still unidentified man is walking along a grass field when he spotted a 12-inch-wide hole in the ground.

Instead of just walking away from the ‘strange hole’ (as it may contain all sorts of strange things), this brave man chose to put his hand inside the whole to try to get a look on whats inside it.

According to NTD, moments later, he realized that he was holding onto something heavy. When he tried to pull it up, what shocked him was that he was holding on to a pair of legs of what he suspected is a lost animal. Then his left arm reaches deep inside the hole. It must be a pretty deep hole too since his entire arm goes under.

After pulling with both arms, he can’t get it to move. His right hand goes into the hole again, and he pulls out the other leg. He then uses all his body strength to haul this animal out. You won’t believe what comes out of this small hole.

It turns out that what he managed to find was a poor sheep who accidentally fell into the whole. Luckily, the sheep was still alive when the brave man managed to rescue it.

Watch the whole video below: