Man notices a strange hole in the water so he gets a drone to see what’s inside

The earth is naturally surrounded by beautiful and wondrous scenery. Wherever we go, we can really see such a unique and appealing scenes, even if sometimes we overlooked of the real good ones.

What I am saying is that, we should look on the brighter side and the benefit that we could get in every thing that we may see here on earth. Have you been in California? If you have been there, then good for you. You have been into such a beautiful place, for California is known for its beautiful scenery.

If you could see such a strange thing, would you dare to look at it?

In California, if you only have that very good timing, you could possibly have to see and explore all throughout the area. One of the main attractions is found in Lake Berryessa.

There’s a man who have captured the real one attraction using his drone.

This place is actually tremendously captivating. You could see how great the creator for having such a creation like this. You may wonder how it was done or how it is going like that but what we can do is to appreciate its greatness.

The seventh largest man-made lake in California is held back by the 304 foot tall Monticello Dam and is home to the famous “Glory Hole” spillway. Sitting just yards away from the concrete lip of the dam, the spillway is funnel shaped just like how a morning glory flower is, that’s why it is named “Glory Hole”.

It’s unbelievably enchanting and hypnotic.  The power of the spillway is truly a creation to bestow.The man used his drone just to see a real footage of the beautiful spillway. At one point in the footage the drone operator let it get a little too close to the hole and it almost ended up being sucked down into the dark depths.

Check and watch this out for this is something you beautiful you could only see sometimes.

H/T: The Earth Child